Water Crisis in the Monastery!

All pilgrims and visitors!

The water company has prohibited the monastery to use the Kinneret water (Sea of Galilee) at a reduced agricultural tariffs, the only option offered by the water company is to buy water from the springs flowing into the Kinneret, at a price higher in 8 times! than the previous rate. The offered price of cubic meter of water is 8 NIS or 30,000 NIS per year. That is unacceptable to the monastery.

In this situation, the abbot of the monastery is in fact forced to let the garden and the vegetation around the monastery to dry out and restrict attendance at the monastery. So, starting from July 15, 2016, the garden is no longer receives the appropriate care, entrance to the monastery on Monday is prohibited, in the rest of the week the entrance to the monastery is closed from 12:00 to 14:00.

The only hope to reestablish the former vital functioning of the monastery is for the monastery to be allowed to buy water according to the previous agricultural tariffs as used by other consumers located on the coastline of the Kinneret.

Any help in resolving the conflict (non-financial) would accepted with a blessing.

Brother Irinarchos,
Abbot of 12 apostles Monastery in Capernaum.
Tel: 053-2840991