Terms of Baptism and Wedding

Terms of baptisms and weddings in the parishes of the Jerusalem Orthodox Patriarchate.

On the territory of the State of Israel, the only church that has the right to perform the ordinances of baptism and the wedding for the citizens of Israel is Jerusalem Orthodox Patriarchate. Parishioners of monastery in Capernaum and Tiberias should contact the father Sergey (Dvoretsky) responsible for working with the Russian-language congregation. After the interview, for wanting to be baptized will be assigned a date of the sacrament, and wishing to get married will be sent to Church Court Nazarene archdiocese to complete necessary documents.

Telephone father Sergey: 0528 -791-922. Please call from 18 to 22 hours, you can leave a voice message or send an SMS.

Email of father Sergey: kalkamannl@mail.ru You can send an e-mail.

The priest Father Sergey (Dvoretsky)